Personal Brand. Let's get ahead.

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How many social media users out there? The number is growing and by the end of this year, there will be around 2.77 billion users worldwide. We (users) are leaving a digital footprint and consciously or unconsciously are building our personal brands.

Surely, not all people are feeling comfortable with building a personal brand and that's okay. However, it’s clear that some of us are missing out on professional opportunities and personal growth.

Let's take a look at why we all should do it and how to get started.

Once you start building your own brand, you’ll have

  • Better career (job) opportunities
  • Ability to attract more clients and contracts
  • Industry recognition
  • Expansion of professional network and partnership
  • Credibility
  • and more

What do you represent?

Think about what would you like to people think when they hear your name? How do you want to be perceived? Once you figure out those answers, it will be easier for you to identify the strategy behind your personal brand. The important thing to remember is to be yourself and stay true to your values.

Your name

Google your name and see what comes up. (We also recommend setting Google alerts for your name.) If you have a very common name try to differentiate yourself with the middle name or your nickname.

Build a virtual platform

Ideally, you will need to create a website that will serve as your main virtual platform. The website should be your name (it also can be the idea you represent/promote). Then, you need to decide what social media platforms are more beneficial for your strategy.

Be an expert.

You need to make sure you are being a resource for your audience. There is always something new to learn and teach. Make sure to update your online community on industry news, write blog posts on trending topics, and utilize curated content that is in line with your personal brand.


Find the way to connect with brands and influencers to help elevate your personal brand and help you to widen your audience. Attend industry conferences, follow other influencers online, invite some experts to contribute to your blog, or organize a live session on Facebook or Instagram. The options are endless.

Better safe than sorry

Remember that everything you share through your website or social channels contributes to your personal brand. Stay consistent with your brand and think twice (or more) before hitting ‘send’ or ‘post.’

The process of building a strong personal brand is not something you can do overnight. However, once you do it, you will open the door to amazing professional opportunities and build loyal your online community.

Make your personal brand an extension of who you are.

Here are some great examples of a personal brand:

Alex in Wanderland

Richard Branson

Dave Kerpen

Molly Morgen Katt