Agile Marketing & its benefits

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Agile marketing approach includes a deliberate, long-term application of specific methodologies and processes to manage and improve the way the marketing team gets work done. The main focus here is to have a strategic vision of short-, medium- and long-term marketing plans. A recent report says that only 37% of marketing departments are using an agile strategy; however, 98% (according to VersionOne) organizations/teams have had a lot of success with the agile process.

So what are some benefits and values agile strategy can bring to your team and your organizations? Let’s take a look


The agile approach helps the marketing team in many ways, including better alignment of priorities, better work division among team members, improvement of the quality of work, faster time to get the right things done and more. Some marketing teams are conducting different experiments to find the best way to make things work flawlessly and to increase the velocity of the team.

Additionally, when using the agile approach, it isn't necessary to write lengthy marketing plans, instead, the team writes a one-two-page plan with specific goals and objectives to get everyone on the same page. Then the team regularly revisits its weekly and monthly priorities (every two or four weeks).

Transparency & improved communication

Marketing teams work with many other departments and it can become a hustle. Agile approach proposes a more collaborative and interactive way to enhance the visibility in various projects and campaigns. The constant conversation about what has already been accomplished and what still needs to be done creates a more productive environment and develops stronger relations within the team.

Integrated teams and Impactful results

When teams work in an agile environment, it encourages its members to try new ideas and expand their skills. As the results, each member of the team has more interactions with other team members and understands a project better. Plus, the working environment transforms into a more friend-like approach, which builds team cohesiveness.

With agile methodologies, teams can quickly get an idea to their customers early with smaller budgets, better ideas, and less risk. The opportunity to be in front of the customers with the right message quickly makes a huge difference between winning and losing. Finally, since agile marketing makes team members to talk and closely collaborate every day,  the working environment transforms to a more friend-like approach, which builds team cohesiveness. 

Helps small businesses

Usually, small businesses do not have big budgets. This is why an agile approach can help a team focus on important goals and break down campaigns and projects into small or large manageable deliverables. Thus, a team can effectively promote most pressing (or easy) tasks into sprints.

Help your career/business and have fun

If you or your team has experience working and living agile, you will always be in demand and you will always have customers. If not, there are many online resources available to help you to learn about agile and its benefits.