5 Facebook Advertising Tips

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When it comes to online advertising campaigns, Facebook is a king in terms of features, audience, and insights. With the recent algorithm changes, more and more businesses realize the importance and power of Facebook advertising campaigns, and how it can help to get a business noticed, spark conversations, reach more audiences, generate new leads, and more. Yet, there are many business owners who do not fully understand how Facebook advertising works. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when starting a Facebook advertising campaign.

Who is your perfect customer?

There is no secret you need to know your audience before you start any campaign, and Facebook’s Audience Insights can help you with that. This tool allows you to search profiles, groups, and pages, and learn more about your audience's DNA. You can start with age, gender, interests, behaviors, psychographic and socioeconomic information. Furthermore, look at the majority of your current customers and try to understand what they have in common, so you can apply it in your targeting efforts.

Monitor performance and adjust accordingly

Regular monitoring and tracking will help you to understand whether your campaign resonates with your audience, or you need to come back and adjust your settings. Yes, you will have to spend some time, but it will save your money and will help to learn more about your audience and become a better target marketer.

Remember that you don’t create the campaign - you build it.

Good visionary

You can have a great call-to-action copy, but if your image does not catch reader’s attention, you’re probably just wasting your time because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed way faster in the brain than text. Use a visual that will catch your audience’s eye and will make them read your ad or post. It’s also important to make an emotional connection with your audience. Ask yourself, "What your audience would feel after seeing your ad?" Finally, search for your competitors and see what they do and how you can do it better.

Don’t miss out!

Facebook is a platform that evolves constantly so you should follow trends and actively incorporate new ways of connecting with your audiences and improving your advertising efforts. Here are just a few tools that can assist you with your campaign:

  • Facebook Video Ads, Facebook Carousel Ads, GIF Ads
  • Canvas Ads, Leads Facebook
  • Facebook Pixel and Facebook Analytics

Budget and bid strategy

It’s crucial to set up bid strategy and budget so you can manage your assets and get the results. Optimize your budget yourself or, if you are just starting, use the default pricing option that Facebook sets for an ad. It is a “cost per click” (CPC) bid or “cost per mille”(CPM). When working on your advertising strategy, make sure to think long-term and how your actions today can affect your advertising strategy (read ‘results’) in the future.

There are much more to learn about Facebook advertising campaign, and we hope this blog has inspired you to dig deeper and make Facebook advertising campaign a valuable tool for your business.