Dasha (Daria) Ivanova

Dasha (Daria) Ivanova

Communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in public relations and social media world. I love building successful relationships among different entities and audiences.

I have worked at a fast-paced, fully integrated PR agency, started my own business, and worked as an independent contractor. In each of those environments, I was able to capitalize on my ability to effectively communicate and deliver the best possible results.

I have a proactive and conscientious approach to work and life, and one of my strongest skills include interpersonal, analytical, and resiliency skills. I am the first person to raise my hand to volunteer on projects and initiatives, and I strive to be a lifelong learner because stagnation—whether personal or professional—equals death to me.

Expertise PR/Social Media/Communications. When I write, I always keep in mind the target audience, the goal, and my writing voice. I try to convey ideas in a simple form and sometimes, depending on the goal, add more meaning behind my words to make people think more about a certain concept, problem, solution, etc.

Skills Social Media/SMM, Media Relations, Public Relations, Global Perspective, Analytical Skills, Interpersonal Communications. I have experience working with the following tools/platfroms: Hootsuite| Trello | SharePoint | Cision | PR Newswire |Gorkana| Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube LinkedIn| SEO (learning)| Google & YouTube Analytics (learning)|WordPress |Tilda | Microsoft Office Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign (basics)| Variety of mobile photo editing apps

Location Houston, TX


Email dashaivanova.tx@gmail.com

Phone +1(713) 705 0158